Between battlements

The whole idea of “between a rock and a hard place” comes to mind here. Standing in one of the many cutouts of the Castillo de San Marcos you get the feeling that you’re not well-enough protected. The fort is firm and steady, but there’s nowhere to hide. You’re left in the open to do your fighting. I guess this was how it worked in the 1500s through 1800s. These days, this place would be a sitting duck for warplanes and ships miles off the coast.
Between battlements
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2 Comments to “Between battlements”

    • Hey, Robyn. Thanks, always. I felt it was kind of a rule-breaker in terms of that, but I liked it in that sense, too. Something about finding square in the rectangular viewfinder that is geometrically wrong, but it makes me want to look at it. That’s me, anyway. Cheers.

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