Wrigley wide – bye-bye baseball

It’s rare for me to not make a game at Wrigley at least once a year, but it almost happened this year. Not until late September did I venture to the Friendly Confines, and this was far after the Cubs’ season had melted away into an abysmal abyss. I can’t remember them this bad in my lifetime despite their lovable losing ways, but Theo Epstein and the front office are doing something I’ve also never seen the organization attempt: selling off and rebuilding from the minor leagues up. Why did it take so long? I think in years past the Cubs were owned by a corporation bent on filling the seats with a team good enough to compete even if it was flawed. The new ownership may actually value winning more – even if they’re willing to lose for a year or two – or three – to get there. The organization will be healthier for the change.

Joey Votto is at bat against Cubs rookie lefty Chris Rusin. The Cubs lost again this night. The season is winding to a close, which is very depressing to me. Baseball is an every-day companion for half of the year. It is weird when it disappears.
Wrigley wide - bye-bye baseball
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2 Comments to “Wrigley wide – bye-bye baseball”

  1. Love Wrigley! I grew up near St. Louis so the Cardinals are my favorite team. Very grand Chicago/Wrigley memories of the Cards/Cubs series over the years.
    Great image – very vibrant! Gives off a great feel (looks a little chilly) and mood for the game.

  2. I wonder if we ever went to the same Cubs/Cardinals game. I’ve been to so many over the years, and I’ve also been to Busch Stadium. In fact, I was there for the last game at the old Busch Stadium, and then I was there the next season for the season opener of the new stadium and the World Series! It was a cool night, cold if you were near the wind was howling up the tunnels. Thanks for posting a comment…

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