Clark Street bridge

I couldn’t come up with a more straightforward title to this photo than what I wrote, and it needs a very basic title for how it came together. We were walking across Clark Street bridge. The view was nice. I took this photo. That’s it, nothing to it. I did have to use the bridge to crop out a hotel. Free advertising is not always welcome here on the blog, but sometimes I don’t mind it if it works for a particular shot. Also, these bridges undulate quite a bit when cars pass, and at least three flew by for a couple of the exposures. I was happy that almost no shake showed up in the processing – a minor miracle for exposures of several seconds.

In this photo you can see the Marina City towers (honeycomb-like buildings on the left). They stand in front of the mostly-obscured Trump Tower. Framed in the cutout of the bridge are several historical Chicago skyscrapers – some of the earliest and most important skyscrapers ever built. Up on the right, disappearing into the corner of the frame is the building featured in the film The Negotiator. It’s known as simply 77 West Wacker Drive.
Clark Street bridge
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