Bottom to the top

I came very close to missing my goal of posting a photo per day today. For some reason things didn’t line up very well, but I raced to get this image on the blog just minutes before the day kicks over into Friday. There were no tense moments, but if my internet wasn’t working that would’ve been a major problem tonight. Seems to be a regular concern of late.

I woke up at 4:46 a.m. on Sunday to take this image among others. I believe this was taken close to 7:00 a.m. after most of the warm dawn horizon light had worn off. There was still plenty of color to be found in the water and off the buildings. I set up just right of this corner to offset the skyline’s predominance to the right. At the proper angle you could clearly see the underwater rocks.
Bottom to the top
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6 Comments to “Bottom to the top”

  1. Very unusual perspective! Gorgeous

    • Thank you. I thought so, too. Most people shoot the city from the pilings along the lake, which I’ve done, too. I hadn’t seen a photo of the skyline from this vantage point, so when I saw it coming together I felt it was something new or different. I’m sure there’s another one out there, though…

      I like your paintings. I’ll have to investigate your blog more soon. Congrats on your gallery showing in October.

  2. Great light and viewpoint, lovely colours and neat composition.

    • Thanks, very much. I was at first a bit disappointed that the BEST light had crept away at this point, but there was just enough left to do this justice. I was and still am excited about the composition. Thanks for noticing. Glad you did.

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