I don’t like one-word titles. In school a girl told me her English teacher told her that one-line titles for poems and stories were amateur. They were incapable, ignorant attempts to rewrite the title word’s definition – according to him via her. That stuck with me for some reason, even if it is ridiculous. I found a little bit of value in that idea. Ever since, I try to write at least two-word titles for everything I do. In doing so I’m legitimately attempting to be more descriptive and creative with the entire piece, be it a blog or otherwise, but not today. I was out of ideas. Maybe it is because I got up at 4:46 a.m.

Before the sun rose but after first light the sky turned this hazy red and everything else went blue. It created a distance between me and everything. The things in the shadows, despite their relative closeness to the coast, sunk back into the water. The warm glow carefully kept its distance at the horizon and partially overhead. Waiting for the sun for what seemed like forever, it finally raced up into the sky at a pace that made you wonder if a day was really 24 hours long. That austerity’s source is best understood through the lightest exposure (+2 EV). I’ve included it as the second photo in this post as it is my favorite image in the bracket, outperforming the resultant HDR image from my perspective.
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Away +2 EV
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