No. 100: Chicago from the south side

It’s not often I post a landscape of Chicago, but for my 100th post I feel something with scale applies. I’m very happy with the direction of this blog, and I’m very thankful for those that stop by regularly to see my work. Thank you!

Taken off another important landmark, this photo captures Chicago’s skyline from the south side. My only hints about where it’s captured from are: I’m standing four to five stories up, and I’m outside. I’m maybe three and a half miles south of The Loop. Oh, and there is a pack of cats behind me. Yes, cats. As you can see, conditions were perfect with a clean look at the city. No mist or haze despite 70-degree temps. I wonder if anyone will guess… or attempt at a guess… I’ll reveal where I was this week and maybe as early as tomorrow.
No. 100: Chicago from the south side
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4 Responses to “No. 100: Chicago from the south side”

  1. No idea. Somewhere near the White Sox stadium maybe? I’m only vaguely familiar with Chicago, haha.

    • @ Matt – Thanks for taking a stab. You actually were very close. I’m not near the stadium, I’m on it! This is the walking deck right near the top of the building. Well done.

      @ RobynG – Glad you like it!


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