Red bug rendezvous

I’m quickly closing in on 100 posts on this site. I decided a while back that I’d hold back on promoting the site until I posted 200 times, but that’s changed significantly with more and more followers. Thanks for routinely checking back, those that do.

Boxelder bugs are not harmful to their host plants, but they can become a nuisance when congregating on (or in) man-made structures like this bridge – or your house. I’ve never seen them inside, which is probably a good thing. They remind me of Lovebugs, which hang out en masse down south and make ordering at a drive thru quite challenging in certain parts of the year. This group of Boxelder bugs is typical – red nymphs clustered in the sun on the corner of the structure. They actually had both sides of the bridge covered, but this part made for the better photograph.
Red bug rendezvous
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