Hold me tight

I hemmed and hawed over whether to post this photo or not. It was a painful process – not just the choosing to do so – but also the creation of the image. After processing through once I wasn’t satisfied. I saved the original, however, and mixed it with the second render of this same image. The result is the photo you see here – two HDR images blended to become one.

Wow, maybe that’s the reason I posted these trees in the end. They kind of blend to become one idea over all else, even if they run all over the place in very separate ways. As for whether to post or not, my hedging stemmed from the cropping of the shot; there’s a lot going on in the frame other than the trees, but cropping tighter just didn’t do the branches justice. I decided to leave everything in the frame as shot, and in the end I’m OK with it now a full week later. The image still holds my attention tightly, and I don’t want to turn away. I figure it would be the same for others, that’s why it’s here. So, now you’re totally bored with that story. Where are these trees? Right off the A1A about halfway between Jacksonville and Daytona at Fort Matanzas National Monument Park. Very happy hunting. It’s worth the trip.
Hold me tight
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