To the turret

I like me a good turret hangout every once in a while. I think I would have preferred to man one as a soldier back in the Old World. This one happens to point to the southwest out of the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, Florida. That means it looks over the back door to the city, potentially a very important post strategically. Then again, I think turrets were probably only useful once the enemy got close enough to actually attack, which might have been just a few hundred yards away when this fort was built. So, nevermind some of what I just said, or all of it.

I love the brochure that came with the fort visit. It says the walls are very strong but can easily break, because they’re made of coquina. I looked it up, and that makes perfect sense.
To the turret
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2 Comments to “To the turret”

  1. Absolutely love this — my new favorite!

    • Cool, thank you! It’s very cool in person. The bridge in the background is the main route into the city, and you can see these little turrets from the road. I remember thinking to myself, I’m going in all of those.

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