Grove over graves

When I write about a post I’m normally visualizing the photo I’m writing about rather than looking at it. I have to pop it up in another window every so often to remember what it is I’m trying to get across in my writing. I think it was Gauguin who pushed Van Gogh to paint from memory. Writing from memory about a photograph is quite the challenge for me.

I tend to use words like seem, feels, and appears regularly when describing my photos. I think that comes from wanting to land an emotional impact with what I make. It is one thing to hit the framing right and another to develop the photo techniques properly. It is still another to set a mood or a temperature or to even create an atmosphere in an image. This graveyard entrance oozes with ambient texture. The mosses are heavy to the eye despite their airy weightlessness. The uniform fencing is rigid yet pristine. In person, the scene gave off this vacancy and fullness all at once. I’m not sure if I experience an uneasiness or sense of elegance when I’m around these old, beautiful, moss-covered live oaks. There is some kind of inability to read them from my perspective.
Grove over graves
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