Color in the black

When we walked out on the beach it was close to pitch black. I’m assuming there are rules about having lights out there where the turtles lay eggs – I’ve seen that before. At first, all you could see was the foam off the lip of the water rolling over itself, but as we approached you could make out the tall grasses and the shiny stones. Looking south, down the Florida Atlantic coast, light emanated up over the dunes from multiple sources. Hot spots and cool spots formed a disjointed rainbow.

I ripped my ISO up to 1600 to grab the colored lights and green grasses. No colors were manipulated in this photo, but I did push up the contrast to let the light play up into the sky. As the light creeps away down the coastline to the faraway left the darkness of the ocean dominates the horizon. It’s like a vast blanket of black.
Color in the black
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