Sylvette’s long mane

I recently entered that building behind the Chicago Picasso to get out of jury duty. In fact, it was the same day I took some photos appearing on this blog – notably the Argentine boys in the water spray. I had my camera gear in tow, and when I passed my bag through the courthouse’s metal detector they stopped me. I remember specifically being told I had “a problem” when they called back to the beginning of the line. A security officer made me take my bag to my work office and leave it there because camera equipment was not permitted past the lobby. I counted a dozen or so cameras in and around the building and on my short walk to drop off my bag. I walked under the Picasso statue twice on my way. Just like the cameras, it feels like she’s always watching. I am allowed to turn my camera back on her.
Sylvette's long mane
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2 Comments to “Sylvette’s long mane”

  1. I should’ve come with you, Nev. They usually allow attorneys to bring cameras into the courthouse. I guess there’s not much to photograph inside the Daley Center in any event. Great picture! Keep ’em coming.

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