Singers in the Lacquer

I’ve been stopped by more and more people in recent days asking me to take their picture. This rarely happens to me. I think the tripod I carry might scare them out of asking. Maybe it looks like I’m too engrossed in what I’m doing with my camera? Lately I’ve had more requests, and I always say yes when asked.

This photo I asked to take. As I made my way through the Palmer House I met a mother and her two daughters in the Empire Room. They told me the Red Lacquer Room (pronounced LOCKER, I think) on the fourth floor was even better, so I eventually made my way in its direction. As I entered I was surprised to find the two girls running around having the time of their lives. Mom happened to be there too, I just didn’t see her at first due to the commotion. Olivia and Erin were the kids names, I think. All of the running around in this gorgeous empty room lent some surreal atmosphere. After a few minutes the two girls agreed to pose as if they were addressing the mic at the opposite end of the room. The end result retains that odd feel of having free reign over this perfect space.
Singers in the Lacquer
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