The creepy little church

I went the wrong way, but rather than make a U-turn I ventured through a subdivision I’d never entered and came ’round a bend. Everything was pitch black, except for this glowing church. It was dead quiet. I left my car a half block away and slowly approached the church. It was midnight. My eyes never left the graveyard except to focus on the stained glass. Then, very much to my concern, I heard brisk footsteps. Quick, as if someone was running.

A jogger came up the bend the same way I had driven just five minutes before. I let out a very clenched breath and then immediately resumed shooting the church. Assuming the runner would find me much more strange than I found him, I figured I should probably get on with getting out of there. He arced behind me on the crescent road and went up the path until he’d almost disappeared to my left. Then, an even bigger scare. My vision darted down at something coming right at me, maybe 20 paces away. It was… a skunk! I whistled, which stopped the runner. He turned back and stood there staring at me, hands on hips and head tilted slightly backward – now definitely wondering what I was up to. You could see him catching his breath, he was still that close, but then he continued up the road. I realized in that moment I had certainly outstayed my welcome. A rattling of my keys sent the skunk bolting for the church where he hid behind the sign or maybe in the bushes. The deadened space suddenly fell impossibly still again. You almost expected something to come break this eery silence. I took six more exposures, whipped around and quickly made for the car. The graveyard remained quiet and empty.
The creepy little church
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2 Comments to “The creepy little church”

  1. that pic is really spooky, your writing is equally spooky!

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