A ghost in the archway

When taking what I consider to be straight-on shots, I try to lose my center. That is to say I don’t like having a focal point (in most cases) that is perfectly middle of any photograph. Rarely do things naturally square-up for us when we are standing there, so why force them to behave in such a way? This photo is a case in point. With a flat wall it’s sometimes difficult not to line things up a bit too cleanly, but I feel like I lost any possible center-point in this composition. The lights are off-center, the doors don’t quite make sense and the fire escapes ramble about.

This section of road at the edge of The Loop’s north side has so much going it’s imperfectly perfect to the eye. I was thrilled when the lone man walked through just as I’d finished setting up. I made sure to catch him as he walked just past the archway’s middle.
A ghost in the archway
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