Sun-swept weep

This scene made me think of Bob Ross, the painter. Not because it looks like anything he would do, but because of the way the trees come up the side of the frame and focus attention to the center. I remember watching Bob paint on PBS as a kid. I was always half asleep due to the delicate way he spoke, but I was also excited to see how he went about making his paintings. The guy was great. I just turned a YouTube video of him on now – getting sleepy.

This is part of a little park in Long Grove that grows very naturally with wild grasses and flowers. There’s a path that cuts through to a bridge, and from the bridge you can see this weeping willow hang over a very still creek. Fishes popped up now and again to eat insects. The sun back-lit the trees. Willows always look elegant in sun.
Sun-swept weep
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