Stairs to the dome

I’ll rarely post photos from the same scene on back-to-back days, but this one needs a bit of context, I believe. To get to the domed roof I published yesterday you climb this masterpiece of a staircase within the Chicago Cultural Center. The marble is so solid it’s as if it could last forever. There are a lot of great staircases in some of the older buildings in Chicago. I’ll have to find and share a few more during the lifetime of this blog.
Stairs to the dome
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6 Comments to “Stairs to the dome”

  1. great shots of a very cool, and unappreciated building

  2. Interesting subject with attractive details. I like the viewpoint and angle. HDR suits this very well. Look forward to seeing more staircases.

    • I think one of the big things about HDR is choosing things that will lend to the medium. I guess that’s like anything, though.

      • Yes, and I’m just starting to appreciate that…. thanks again.

      • What’s really fun about HDR is realizing where it doesn’t work as well – and then attempting to find a use for it in a different way. I’m discovering the more I get into it the more it teaches me how to use it. I’m attempting to make my work as realistic as possible while retaining that emotional lure via the surreal, the ethereal or even the commonplace.

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