The domed ceiling

Inside the Chicago Cultural Center’s south end is a gorgeous room detailed to the tiniest degree. I’m stumped for words to even start describing it. Honestly, the picture says enough to display both the room’s beauty and grandeur. I framed it this way so the hanging light comes right at you as it does in person. The color and light force your attention upward through the rotunda. It’s amazing.

When I was a little boy I saw a performance of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, a local PBS show, in this very room. I think Lady Aberlin’s dress was blue and Mr. Rogers’ cardigan gray. Somehow, I remember going “back stage,” which was just a side door into a stairwell. I remember nothing of the performance, but at the time I did think the room was a bit elaborate for Mr. Rogers.
The domed ceiling
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4 Comments to “The domed ceiling”

  1. Very cool ceiling. I missed this last time I was in Chicago. Thanks for the travel inspiration. Cheers.

  2. Amazing details!!! Cheers Nonoy Manga

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