Stacked chairs, buildings

My friends are assembling a set for a comedy show. I’m sworn to secrecy on the matter until October, I believe. I can say that the show requires a bunch of tables and chairs. I don’t think I can share much more than that. Anyway, while the carpentry and lighting specs are measured out the chairs and tables wait outside. The chairs were stacked rather imperfectly in the hallway on the 16th floor of Trump Tower, which has unique site lines on the rest of the city. I liked how the buildings out the window mimicked the chair-stacking in a way. Or is it the other way around? I had to sit out here for a while because I felt like I was in the way of the lighting guy. He had a lot of lights. Ok, honestly, I just headed to the hallway because I really wanted this shot.
Stacked chairs, buildings
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4 Comments to “Stacked chairs, buildings”

  1. Looks cool man, hit me up when October comes yea? Im always down for a comedy show

  2. I like your control of the light and the delicate framework of the chairs. The composition with its zig-zag and use of space and low key pattern all appeal to me. Thanks.

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