Ohio Street Beach

Nineteen floors up inside the W Hotel Lakefront, Ohio Street Beach looks tiny, which it is. Not until the 1960s did the beach take its current form after the massive Jardine Water Filtration Plant went in (just beyond the beach jutting out parallel to Navy Pier). Jardine is the world’s largest purification plant, which makes it appropriate that it helped form one of the smallest beaches in Chicago. This beach faces north – atypical among Chicago’s coastline swimming areas. That’s north-south Lake Shore Drive in the foreground. East-only Ohio Street actually terminates prior to reaching LSD.

I put a tilt-shift effect into the post processing on this photo in order to illustrate the itsy-bitsy beach. It actually feels a bit bigger when you’re down there, but only because of the space between the trees and water – and then the fact that you’re in one of the few open areas in a city dominated by massive skyscrapers. But It’s hard to mistake the fact that there’s just one lifeguard stand. Make sure to click through to smugmug to blow up the image. There’s a ton of detail in this one.
Ohio Street Beach
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