The engagement

You know the saying “it’s better to be lucky than good?” I understand the sentiment, but I prefer to be good over lucky. There’s something to be said for preparedness and dedication to craft that work in concert to help you create your own luck. Then, sometimes you just feel like you’re lucky and you can be OK with that.

That is the case here. While waiting for people to exit one end of Crown Fountain at Millennium Park, I quickly noticed a couple going through the routine for their engagement photos. Without giving it more than a couple of seconds thought, I flipped my lens to the left through a metal guardrail, ripped my wheel to 1.6-second exposure and fired. The idea was that only the couple would stand still – creating blurred movement all around them. It worked, and after a good 90 minutes of post-processing to create five TIFF files for an HDR build things feel right.

I almost stopped the couple to tell them I’d email them the final result, but I didn’t want to infringe on their photographer’s business. It felt wrong to get in the way. Maybe they’ll find it here some day, but I kind of like the idea that there’s one last photo from their shoot out here in limbo. Makes you wonder how their photos turned out.
The engagement
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