Up the ramp

Sometimes getting a photograph gets tough. I was stopped by security before taking this photo. They wanted to see my press pass – for a free event in an open park. I said I didn’t know I needed to check in, so they made me go check in. Funny thing about security, especially in a laid back environment like a free concert – they’re disorganized. Instead of escorting me to the press table, they sent me there on my own. Once in contact with the press staff, I mentioned that I had already gotten all of the shots that I needed, save a few. If they could just give me a pass so their staffers would stop bothering me, I’d be happily on my way. They obliged. I’m not sure why security puts up such a front for photographers. Wouldn’t the Grant Park Orchestra want a little extra pub anywhere and any way they can get it? Their production of Perfectly Frank: From Broadway to Hollywood was pretty good. I enjoyed my 15 minutes of listening while shooting. These Grant Park Music Festival offerings at Millennium Park are pretty good. There’s a concert in the park Tuesday thru Sunday almost every week all summer from June 12 thru August 18. There, I think that qualifies as a donation.

The man coming up the ramp looked very disappointed. I’m not sure why. I decided to capture him in motion to blur away his grimace. Maybe he was just tired under the weight of his backpack while going uphill. I thought his struggle mirrored mine; I wasn’t too bothered by security – but why the five minutes of hassle?
Up the ramp
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4 Comments to “Up the ramp”

  1. Wonderful sculptural forms…….. almost futuristic urban environment enhanced by the filtering.

    • I got scolded elsewhere for “overdoing” the HDR in this one, but I felt the details needed to come out. This is about as processed as I’ll ever make a photo.

      • …. as you say, differing subject matter can demand more or less processing. This works very well, though I feel that an audience is quite difficult to accommodate into an image as well as large scale architecture, but here it’s not intrusive.

  2. I’ve actually never thought about that juxtaposition of capturing an audience vs. large-scale architecture in the same scene. I guess in my previous video work this was such a common-place idea that it became routine to me? Interesting thought. It’s funny how certain experiences are completely different from one photographer to the next. I’m sure we all more and less experience in differing environment from one another.

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