Dark to light

Alleys are special places. They lend drama. This is simply one of the more beautiful alley-scapes I’ve found in Chicago. There are several great little slivers like it in the Loop, but this one is so alive with darkness and lightness and color. I’ve told this to several people while walking by, but nobody seems to agree in the moment. I hope reproducing it as I experience it lends to understanding its beauty. I stop to look each time I pass.
Dark to light
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4 Comments to “Dark to light”

  1. From darkness comes light. This shot reminds me of a video game. It’s a second before the story will start to unfold… This empty space cries for people. I’m not sure I can explain it better.

  2. Oh, yes………….. a fabulous photo taken at the perfect time when the light is fading. Great contrast between new and old…………. a place time forgot……….. what lurks here in the shadows…….. “voices raised, and then the sound of running feet. The slamming of a door echos and reverberates back………… and then silence descends” ….

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