Under the Ferris wheel

The little festival near my house wound down tonight. I remember as a kid always wishing it would last longer than it did. My favorite ride was called “The Enterprise.” It was basically a Ferris wheel that started off parallel to the ground, or horizontal, and then slowly tilted up until it was vertical. Within the wheel the cars spun ultra fast – to the point that one year my friend Tony got a nosebleed from the spinning alone! Tony was 1/16 Cherokee. I just remembered that.

This is the backside of this year’s Ferris wheel. I was equally drawn to the flashing lights and the whirring of the cars as I was to the magenta hues it cast upon the grass behind it. We need rain badly, and much of the yellowed grass soaked up the thick pinks. Some green still pokes through. The original Ferris Wheel was built in Chicago in 1893 by a guy named Ferris. Makes sense.
Under the Ferris wheel
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5 Comments to “Under the Ferris wheel”

  1. The colors are really nice!

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