I’ve been posting a lot of images of transit locations lately, so, here’s another! This one plays in concert with several of my last few posts, so while multiple displays of L stations will not be the norm on this blog, it feels right to throw California up on the site at this time along with the previous train stations, etc.

This is another juxtaposition of light, which is fairly obvious. I grabbed this one on the same night as the fire truck shot I shared recently. In fact, I think this came a few minutes after the truck went past, when I realized the mood had gone back to calm and quiet on this misty night. You can see vastly different interplays of light in this image – from the blue light around the train station to the warmer yellows washing up from the street below. Up above in the purples the mist really stands out as it hangs in the air and eventually falls silently to the decks. There’s a whole city out there beyond the blue, you just can’t see it.California
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