When fireworks come to you

I don’t have to travel too far to enjoy the fireworks. They’re right outside my back door. Of course that means there’s a festival a few blocks away, and someone parks their car in a way that nearly blocks your driveway, and they walk through your lawn, because, well, just because.

Halfway through the fireworks display I pulled a table out into the yard and got my ladder out of the garage. I placed my tripod on the table and telescoped the head as high as it could go. My camera stood about 8 1/2 feet off the ground for this shot, so I had to climb 3/4 of the way up the ladder just to reach it. I fired off about 50-60 shots of the fireworks, but this image is comprised of just four. Long exposures are great for capturing everything but the finale, which photographs best in shorter bursts. This photo happens to be part of the middle of the display. When you’re standing there watching, everything between you and the fireworks kind of melts away to the point that you don’t even notice the trees and power lines. I decided to leave them in so you can see my cluttered but outstanding view. Stay off my lawn and out of my driveway, OK?
When fireworks come to you
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