Moving man at pigeon rock

No, it doesn’t actually carry the name “pigeon rock,” but it looks like it should. In winter, this bus depot atrium is full of birds to the point you have to worry about stepping on them or in their stuff. I’m not sure why they hang out here. It’s an open-air space, and the wind can still come through pretty fiercely. Still, they wait out winter on this oddly shaped rock sculpture-thing and the coarse floor. Many of them hide up in the recesses of the glass ceiling, which is funny because there are anti-bird spikes all over the place, and yet they avoid the barbs quite comfortably. You can see some of these spikes along the base of the cream-colored beam curving through the upper third of the photo. This was taken in the dead of winter at temperatures right around freezing. The guy in the dark hoodie must be freezing! The guy in the brown coat’s got it right. Keep moving!
Moving man at pigeon rock
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