The blue line guitarist

I wonder how many people are like me on this one. Whenever I head into a subway in any city – be it Chicago, New York, London, Paris or Washington D.C. – I hope to hear street musicians. There’s this anticipation as you head for the initial descent that you might hear something special in the grungiest of places. The notes echo up quietly from inside the cavern of the tunnels and only grow warmer and louder as you draw near. It’s this perfect mix of curiosity for what’s to come and enhancement of setting. The street musicians make waiting for a train bearable with the beautiful melodies they bounce off those decrepit walls of darkness.

This particular guitarist, I believe, is Chris. He’s really nice to me, and we talk almost every time I see him. He always welcomes me taking his photo and I made a video of him once, too. I think Chris doesn’t mind the attention, because I don’t hurt his “sales.” People tend to walk up and drop money in his bucket when I start taking photos, but it’s nothing that I’m doing. They really like Chris’s music. I think I’m just an icebreaker for them. Chris’s notes spill off his guitar and climb and fall like a haunted organ in the great hall of the mansion in Edward Scissorhands. He’s truly a fun listen. I keep telling Chris that I need to get him a copy of this photo. It sums him up completely as he’s always in motion and so focused on the music. If you ever see Chris, make sure to drop a dollar in his bucket and tell him he can download his photo from this site. It’s been a while since we’ve bumped into one another.
The blue line guitarist
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