Fire truck cuts through fog

I like foggy nights. I’m not sure what I like about them more — the magical quality of the blanketing clouds or the fact that everything seems to slow down as if to hesitate in these conditions. I’d been taking photos for a good hour in this murk when I heard the fire truck coming. In three exposures I captured the truck at the beginning, middle and end of the small portion of the street below and was very fortunate to get so much of its lights as the timing had to be perfect. Trying to retain as much of the mist as possible took quite a bit of work, but it feels moody and quiet outside of the rush to conflagration. I wonder what it’s like to fight a fire in the fog.
Fire truck cuts through fog
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2 Comments to “Fire truck cuts through fog”

  1. Foggy days or nights are perfect, they add a sense of mystery and emphasise the recession of distance but even so, are not very common, which is a pity. You did well to capture the lights of this passing emergency.

  2. Thank you, John. I only got one shot… or three… but a touch of luck was involved!

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