Bus stand minimalism / graffiti tile

I don’t often manipulate my photographs beyond the application of HDR and some relatively minor touch-ups. This is different. I like the stark minimalism of the original, but having known some very talented graffiti artists from my college days, this looked like the perfect place for them to do their work. The two photos below are the exact same photo, but the second is “liquified” via Photoshop to achieve the warped look on the tile. Hanging out with my friends, I decided if I was ever a graffiti artist my tag would be the word “Left” for myriad reasons, but mostly because you could play with it in so many ways. Here I decided to yank on these tiles rather than leave my tag. Anyway, the shot was taken at a bus stand on a narrow strip of Chicago property that connects O’Hare Airport to the city proper. I guess if Chicago can get away with that I can toy with the outcome of the photo as I please.

Bus stand minimalism
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Bus stand graffiti tile
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2 Comments to “Bus stand minimalism / graffiti tile”

  1. ingenious use of the liquify feature

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